Can you explain a typical engagement session; about how long do they last?

Engagement sessions are normally 1-1.5 hours which allots time for multiple locations depending on where you'd like to go as well as multiple outfit changes. We try and curate our sessions to each couple, so think about places you and your fiancee love to go to with one another - these are intrinsic places to you and makes the session more about who you are and less about what we think is best.

We do engagement portraits as a free service to our clients because we believe an engagement session with your photographer is important to build trust with the photographer, and we have seen how effective it is to improve the wedding day. It's also an opportunity for you and the photographer to find favorite poses and happy ways to collaborate before the the wedding.

What is a photographer’s assistant / What does the photographer’s assistant do?

The assistant is there to help setup lighting and to make sure everyone looks fantastic. They are really helpful in making sure there are no wrinkles in clothing and everyone's hair and positioning is on point. We do give our assistant a camera at certain points in the day, usually the ceremony and reception. However, assistants are usually college students who are still learning, so they are different from a second photographer. 

What if my ceremony or reception area are not well lit?

We bring lights with us! We bring nice, unobtrusive photography lighting to make sure the ceremony and reception are beautiful in photographs.

The way we use our lighting is unusual: We put our photography strobes in discreet areas, bouncing them off of walls or ceilings.

Two things happen when we do this -

  1. You have wonderfully bright photos no matter the available lighting of the ceremony and reception.
  2. The ambience of your event is not disturbed. Our lights are flashes, not like lightbulbs in a lamp, meaning they fire when we take a photograph. This ensures you and all your guests can enjoy the day, and have wonderfully lit images after your wedding. 

Do you travel / charge travel fees?

We love travel, and have photographed weddings all over Michigan, including Detroit, as well as Chicago, Austin and more. We also are open to traveling internationally. We charge a travel fee if it's one hour's drive outside of Grand Rapids, MI. Each travel fee is based on the distance to the wedding, please send us a note and we'll get you a good number.

How long will it take for us to get our wedding photos?

We love when we get asked this question.

We hold ourselves accountable to delivering images in a timely manner. We commit to providing wedding images within one month after the wedding, and normally edit faster than that. Usually we can deliver in 2 weeks.

Also, with your approval, we will post 3-5 images on Facebook the day after your wedding! Weddings are one of the most important days of your life. We want you to have photos to share on, or before your honeymoon.

Who owns the rights to our wedding photos?

Once you receive the flash drive you and your spouse will have license to use those images for personal use any way that you wish.

What happens if I lose my wedding photos or my hard drive crashes?

For a small fee we can re-send your wedding images to you. 

However, because of incredibly high costs and unpredictable technology, we can not guarantee that we will have your photos saved for the next 50+ years. We go through great efforts to archive your photos with redundant backups. Remember, these are not just your wedding photos, but also our life's work, so it's important to us too.