About Us

At The People Picture Company, our goal is to provide magazine-style, high-quality photographs of you and your loved ones. The uniqueness of our clients and the novel nature of each photo shoot are a priority of The People Picture Company. We desire to collaborate with our customers to discover their vision. We never forget the privilege that we, as the photographers, are given. 

What we love most is when our clients become lifelong acquaintances, developing into lasting friendships.



Autumn Johnson is a first and second photographer who strives to show the beauty, strength and enthusiasm of people. Autumn has a natural comfort for working with families and children and finds it to be one of the most rewarding experiences as a photographer. 

Outside of photography and studio work, Autumn enjoys traveling, the fine taste of craft beer and an extraordinarily wide range of world foods. 



Kris Bird is a first and second photographer with a natural fondness of list making, organization, and attention to detail. She is often found streamlining systems on the day-to-day procedures of the studio. She enjoys photographing children of all ages (especially infants), special events, and weddings. 

When not running the studio, Kris creates costumes based on her favorite anime and tv shows to wear at anime and comic book conventions across the state. 



Bud Kibby is a first and second photographer as well as our resident fine artist whose passion is candid images encapsulating the feeling that existed within the moment. Bud's attention to detail and lighting while photographing captures both the moment and emotion for our clients to remember for a lifetime. 

Bud also enjoys alternative process photography, utilizing techniques from the turn of the 20th Century to create fine art portraits, providing a collaboration between photography and fine-art printmaking.

And he often wears colorful pants.  And bow ties. We can't forget the bow ties. 


Adam Bird is first photographer and an established commercial and editorial photographer in Grand Rapids who believes that everybody should have magazine quality photographs. He’s traveled all over the world to photograph from London to New York for clients ranging from The New York Times to McDonalds. 

When not making photographs, he’s engaged in making his 30 year-old Mercedes reliable, and taking apart vintage watches. He swears that one of them will run one day.



Bri Luginbill is a the studio manager and a first and second photographer with a passion for photographing families, seniors, babies and especially weddings, all of the people and events that enrich and define our lives. She also has years of experience photographing children with special needs. Each and every child is an inspiration, constantly reminding her of how joyful life is.

Besides photography, she enjoys yoga, calligraphy and thrift store shopping - her whole wardrobe is stocked full of finds from Goodwill.



Tierney Pierce is an assistant and second photographer who loves to find the cinematic moments of weddings and events. She loves capturing candid moments and is really great at finding the smaller details that make up each photo shoot. Tierney has a natural talent for making children and families comfortable during their sessions, which can help bring out genuine reactions and emotions. 

When not editing, doing administrative work or photographing, Tierney enjoys brainstorming ideas and writing scripts for films she would love to create some day. She loves taking long drives and being surrounded by nature.

She appreciates the finer things in life, such as traveling and meeting new people.